Employee Performance Review and Planning Process Handbook, Grande Prairie

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Imagine this:

You’re four minutes into the second half of the championship basketball game. The clock works, but due to a computer glitch, the digits representing the score are meaningless. The numbers are there, but they bear no resemblance to the actual score. You have an idea the game’s close, but you don’t know for sure. Worst of all, you don’t know if you’re winning or losing.

While the scenario outlined above describes a nerve-wracking basketball game, it could very easily be transferred to a "work" situation where there are no formal feedback mechanisms in place and where people really don’t have an idea of where they are in relation To The scoreboard. Everyone appears to be busy but without an idea of where they fit in the "big picture” it is difficult to know if they are being effective, or if they are even making the right plays.

The Employee Performance Review & Planning Process was designed to help employees and supervisors overcome this exact situation. It is vital that all employees know which game they are in, what the score is, why it matters and how to improve their individual and team skills so that they are successful in attaining not only the organization’s goals, but their own goals as well.

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