Developing a Risk Management Strategy, Imagine Canada 2005


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In 2004 the Social Planning Council for the North Okanagan conducted research into issues of liability and risk related to non-profit organizations in the North Okanagan.

Findings from our research study were used to develop recommendations for the non-profit and charitable sector, the insurance industry, the legal sector, the public sector, and volunteers themselves. The key findings of the research are in our report, An Exploration of Risk and Liability Issues Facing Volunteer Programs in the North Okanagan. We have also made some references to our research findings throughout this guide.

This guide presents information gathered from a variety of sources – volunteer agency manuals, government and non-profit t publications, Web sites, books, and journal articles – that can help non-profit t and charitable organizations develop a risk management strategy. It will be of particular interest to organizations that operate with limited funds and few personnel, and that may not have the resources to do their own research on risk management.

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