Board Building for Nonprofit Agencies


An effective board, committed to a purpose and skilled in governance and guided by an effective vision, is perhaps the greatest asset of a not-forprofit organization. While dedicated and talented staff and/or frontline service volunteers are also a critical part of the team, their time and energy would be wasted without the focus, direction, and resources that a board provides.

Recruiting, developing, and retaining appropriate individuals to serve in board roles is a difficult and timeconsuming job. Healthy organizations are willing to make a major investment of time and effort in these activities to build a strong organization. The continuing “Board Building” cycle for the lifespan of the organization includes:

  • Evaluating the current and future leadership needs of the organization
  • Recruiting board members with the necessary qualities
  • Developing board members so that they become effective organization leaders
  • Sustaining board members’ interest and commitment

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